ages 5-7

Class Description

Our Jazz/Hip-Hop class introduces your child to the basics of Jazz and Hip-Hop in this hour long class. The dance movements in Jazz/Hip-Hop help develop coordination, rhythm, and imagination, and build in the basics, including right and left discrimination, counting music, and exploring rhythm through the use of the body. Teachers will encourage each child's recognition and memorization of basic dance steps in both disciplines. The individual instructions our dancers receive will give them the correct foundation and the "fun"damentals for their physical and mental development. This class uses fantasy and fun songs to encourage personality growth.

Dress Code:

Any leotard with tights or shorts.


1 class/week: $65/mo
2 classes/week: $126.75

Other fees:

$30 Registration Fee
$65 Recital Fee
$65 Costume Fee - x2

Class Times:

Tues. 4:00-5:00pm
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