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Classic Image Dance celebrated its 25th anniversary in April 2017! Shannon Wilson, the owner and director, is excited to carry on the CID legacy for the next generation of dancers. Through the years, Classic Image has served hundreds of dancers here in the East Valley and continues to provide the highest quality dance education while promoting positive self-esteem and developing stronger and happier children.

I am thrilled to be carrying on the 25 year legacy of Classic Image Dance for the next generation of dancers in the East Valley. I thank Devin Moss, the former owner and director of CID, for giving all she did to the dance community the past 25 years. For me, it all began about 28 years ago; I was a 6-year-old girl sitting behind the desk at my mom’s dance studio. In between studying my spelling words and waiting for her to finish teaching class, I picked up the phone pretending to work at my mom’s dance school. I created my own registration forms for my imaginary students and taught those students my own version of a dance class in the corner of the office. Reflecting on those great memories, it is obvious how I have found myself back in the dance studio business.

Since I was barely 2 years old, I was taking dance lessons at my mom’s studio, tapping my feet, turning on my toes, and loving every minute of it. A shy little girl, I came to life in dance class and on the stage. The older I got, the more I loved to dance. I cherished my time at the dance studio and never wanted to do anything else. In high school, I began teaching dance for my mom and other studios I trained at. I loved it!

I continued teaching for my mom while I was in college, but she decided it was time to close her studio. I couldn’t let my mom’s studio legacy die, and disappoint the children, so I decided to open my own studio. In the fall of 1997, Fabulous Feet Dance Academy (later Westwoods Center of Performing Arts) was born in Arvada, CO.

It was then that I began to develop the values I now bring with me to CID; customer service and the self-esteem of each child were my main priorities. I believe that every child, regardless of their age, natural ability or other circumstances should have the opportunity to experience dance. From my 18 years of growing up in a dance studio, and now as a mom of 3, I know first hand how important dance and performing arts are to the development of a child. Each child needs to know that they can do anything and be anything they want, and dance and the performing arts gives us that venue. These lessons are more important than any shuffle ballchange or chaine turn. They are lessons that students can carry with them for the rest of their lives, and I can be proud of that.

At Classic Image Dance we offer dance opportunities for children 2-18 years and beyond. Our programs have been developed to meet the needs of all families - those looking for a more recreational experience or those looking to take dance to the next level, with our performance and competitive programs. No matter what program a family chooses each teacher will teach their child with my values and life lessons in mind. It is not my expectation to produce only professional dancers, but give each student the opportunity to experience the many joys of the performing arts, and be proud of the successful individuals they become.

Why CID?

At CID, your child and your family matters to us. We have dance classes for kids of all ages starting with our First Steps classes for toddlers all the way up to Advanced Pointe. We offer classes in a wide variety of dance genres, all taught by experienced, positive dance instructors. At CID, we not only aspire to make our students great dancers, we pour our heart and soul into making our dancers great kids by holding them to high standards of behavior and manners while fostering community-mindedness and respect for others.

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To make your experience great we offer:

  • 4 spacious studios with Parent Observation Windows/Monitors
  • Full-Time Front Desk Administration
  • All Adult Teaching Staff (no high school students)
  • Convenient class times for busy families
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Flexible Enrollment Options
  • A Positive Environment
  • An experience to create lifelong memories
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Company Values

Our Mission at Classic Image Dance is to promote positive self- esteem and develop stronger and happier children, while providing the highest quality dance education in a healthy and safe environment where children can grow and learn.

Be Observant

Be aware of how CID looks, sounds, smells, and feels at any given moment. Do your part to keep the facility clean and bright and ensure we are ready for newest, longest and best customer to walk in the door.

Deliver Customer Astonishment

Our goal is Customer Astonishment. Provide a WOW experience for every customer (parents and students) who walks through our doors. 

Parents:  Parents are treated with respect and assisted in a positive manner with any concerns or questions they have. Teachers and office staff will get to know the families and unexpectedly do nice things for them. Communication with parents about student issues will be handled at the time of the incident. Positive comments, along with areas of concern will be addressed with parents.

Students: Promoting fun by learning in the classroom is essential! Students will leave feeling good about what they accomplished in their class and with a smile on their face. Teachers will reward and recognize good behavior, at-home practicing, teamwork and positive attitudes.

Be a Life Long Learner

Value the perspectives of your colleagues. As teachers, we are also constantly learning. There is not one right way to do something. Take and share ideas with others to aid in constant improvement of your teaching and making your classes fun!  Achieve YOUR next level of greatness.

Enjoy What You Do

When you love what you do, the parents will appreciate what we do and the students will love coming to class.

Flexible To Change

CID is striving for constant improvement, which means change can happen often to offer the best possible experience. Be adaptable and ready for change. Give your creative ideas freely to help improve the overall employee and customer experience. Be creative and always imagine!

Show Confidence

You have been training your entire life to be what you are today. Perform and speak with confidence.

Take Action

Actions speak louder than words. Take ownership of the work you do and make it your best. Jump in and get it done now, regardless of the obstacles. Know when to ask for help. When you make a mistake, make it right, plus more.

Exceed Expectations

Always exceed expectations by bringing your positive energy to students, customers, and other employees. Answer with more “yes” than “no”, have more positive suggestions than criticism and show that you value each person’s self-worth.

Prepare Our Students

As teachers, we are an integral part of the development of each one of our students. Teachers and staff will promote positive self-esteem and self-confidence in each student. Teachers will serve as positive role models for their students. Teachers will teach life skills including discipline, responsibility and time management within their classes through dance, and will give their energy to help develop each student’s individual talents.

Give Generously

As a studio, we will share ourselves, our talents, and our prosperity with others in the world and our community. We will help others reach their full potential by being generous with our time, energy, expertise, and charity.

Staff & Faculty


Shannon Wilson



Sal Banuelos

Hip Hop


Terri Carr

Ballet, Tap, Combo

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Nichole Chavez

Customer Service

Tanner Clark

Hip-Hop, Performance


Julie Figueroa

Customer Service


Amy Hargreaves

Jazz, Lyrical


Shay Lyons



Michael McBain


IKA Sagayo-crop

IKA Sagayo



Elaine Seretis



Allison Serfilippi

Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Combo

Miranda Carter-crop

Miranda Carter

Jazz, Technique, Lyrical, Contemporary, Combo

Laurie Silvestri-crop

Laurie Silvestri



Dave Minder



Colleen Grey

Jazz, Lyrical


Megan Snow

Customer Service


"Classic Image Dance (CID) has been an excellent studio for our kids for the last 4 years. Even though there are many other dance studios nearby, we drive all the way from Scottsdale to Chandler (30 – 40 min drive) to be at CID. Having a strong, no-nonsense Director and great teachers has been very important to us and we have all that at CID. Our kids love going to dance at CID and we consider this our second home. We highly recommend Classic Image Dance to anyone who is interested in dance."

—Roshani De Soysa

"In addition to my daughter receiving excellent dance instruction at CID, herself-confidencee has improved and she has made lifelong friends."

—Liz M.

"When joining Classic Image Dance, we not only found a studio with excellent instructors and choreographers, who were perfectly matched to teach and grow performers at their age and experience level, but also aclose-knitt family group. They are supportive of each other and inspirational. We have built a friendship that will last a lifetime, and through those friendships have become more involved in dance than we ever thought we could."

—The Hightower Family

"We have been very satisfied and extremely happy joining CID and walked into a true blessed dance family with talented children. We feel in the short time we have been there that you have made us feel so welcomed by you and your entire staff."


"CID became our dance home over 5 years ago. We came to them from a large studio where we just were not happy. We have had good, family times with this company and have enjoyed it so much we cannot imagine dancing anywhere else!! Always, we feel that the instruction is top notch and yet constantly improving…..and always without sacrificing the personal touch that makes it feel like you are dropping your daughter off at her second home. The staff and the families involved are fun, supportive and promote such a lovely, refreshing drama-free environment. I would recommend CID to anyone that asked!"

—Monica M.

"Classic Image has made my passion for dance into a memorable experience."

—Gillian M.


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